Escape from the city

Noting more easier. Just take a train, open a good book and before you know it – you are somewhere far away. That is basically the story of my last Saturday. Except that the “far away” was around 80 km from Vienna and “somewhere” was Melk – a beautiful little town in Lower Austria.

I was a very disciplined tourist. I visited the Melk Abbey, had a tour in the city and tasted a delicious kaiserschmarrn. But moreover I enjoyed the silence of the place and a walk in the forest.

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I also took the time to exercise different frames or themes and I had a photowalk in & around Melk. The result – a mixed photo set.

Melk Abbey here. Black & white shots here. “Details” of Melk here.

Entire collection here.

Note to myself: A wide-angle lens is a must.