Sorry for your wall!

… is the name of my recent photo project. I loved working on it and I’m happy that now it’s available to the public.

You can see it between 10.07. -20.09.2013, at the Romanian Cultural Institute (Argentinierstr. 39, 1040 Vienna).

It’s a story about Bucharest & street art, about the talking walls around us. The exhibition presents fragments of conversations spotted in the city centre.

Note: I do apologies for bringing an outdoor dialogue indoors. It’s just for a thought or two.

I hope you will enjoy it!


UPDATE: Here you can see the online album. I hope you will enjoy!



A day in Salzburg

As promised, here are a few glimpses of Salzburg. And indeed as expected, the series is quite heterogeneous. Various motifs, lots of trial and error.

However I very much enjoyed the visit. An ‘encore’ is a must!

The entire set can be seen here.

Urban colors

I had the plan today to go to the Botanical Garden, but since I found it closed, I simply had a photowalk around the blocks of Vienna’s third district.

I decided to focus the theme “colors”, as a friend of mine was teasing my predominant black & white photos by explaining me how my camera can actually take color pictures too.

Ok, now here they are… a few urban colors:

8479399910_9e7d6ebb74_b 8479431814_609f42b822_b 8478304627_4c3f2d0100_b 8478301813_fc66b99499_b 8479381164_94eb086364_b

Entire set here.

Few photo notes

Busy days and lots of photowalks lately. Many flickr postings:
night walk. A Japanese fest. Sankt Marks in the autumn sunTea timeU6Leopoldstadt.
And unfinished collections like this one or this one.

The thoughts in between? I just love it. And I keep on clicking.
But I feel a bit stuck composition wise. Story-less.
Thinking to change the angle. Or the lens. Or just for short while to switch to words.