The magic of the code

I still remember when I drew a circle on a HC90 back in school while attending a few, so-called, optional classes. I was absolute curious about computers, but don’t remember if I got an answer to my question “yes, that’s a circle, but how you change it into a square now…?”

What I remember was our teacher writing weird signs on the blackboard without facing the class, trapped in his own little world, and the computers remaining a mystery to me. Yes, somehow I missed that lesson.

Later in my first year of University, the curiosity came back once with the internet kicking in. Still remember Netscape Navigator and the wait for a page to load.

Now things are bit different. Platforms such as Kahn AkademyUdacity, Coursera or now come to help where the school couldn’t or didn’t cover.

“The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future” as Gabe Newell put it in this short video on why programming should be taught in school.