No, not today!


Despite the morning clouds, it turn out a perfect day to move around in town with the speed of a snail, to breathe & chill in the sun!

PS Yes, it was such a lazy day that all I could do was a weather blog post. Cool awesome busy days to come! 🙂

Quick notes with a smile

7 days in Havana of Benicio del Toro part of the Cine Latino Festival. The movie is a great compilation of seven short stories for each weekday, directed by seven international directors. I absolutely enjoyed the story told by Elia Suleiman – Diary of a beginner (Thursday). Without a single line for the entire sequence, he creates a brilliant piece of silent comedy.


– Branford Marsalis and Joey Calderazzo at Wiener Konzerthaus. A great evening brought by two great musicians. Just have a listen:


– and a smile. Ok, a few. Smiles are coming back in my pictures. It’s Spring. It has to be with a smile.

The entire Sunday sunny set here.