That time

… when I can’t stop enjoying the colours of the season. In the rainy, cold days or warm, sunny ones. I use my camera, my phone, a lot of filters and I just play around with the images. It feels like painting my own autumn.





Spring is here!

It’s Spring and I really hope it stays that way! Insanely happy yesterday to take photos of every blossomed tree in Stadtpark (I guess humans are functioning on solar batteries, otherwise I can’t explain the energy boost):

Surprisingly, when I processed the photos I saw in some of them several a white-red threads hanging on the three branches. For the new readers of this blog – this is a Martisor, a Romanian, but also Bulgarian and apparently as well Greek, Albanian & Italian spring custom.

So yes, let me shout one more time loud and clear: Spring is here! 🙂

The entire set can be seen here and more flower photos here.