That time

… when I can’t stop enjoying the colours of the season. In the rainy, cold days or warm, sunny ones. I use my camera, my phone, a lot of filters and I just play around with the images. It feels like painting my own autumn.





Quick notes with a smile

7 days in Havana of Benicio del Toro part of the Cine Latino Festival. The movie is a great compilation of seven short stories for each weekday, directed by seven international directors. I absolutely enjoyed the story told by Elia Suleiman – Diary of a beginner (Thursday). Without a single line for the entire sequence, he creates a brilliant piece of silent comedy.


– Branford Marsalis and Joey Calderazzo at Wiener Konzerthaus. A great evening brought by two great musicians. Just have a listen:


– and a smile. Ok, a few. Smiles are coming back in my pictures. It’s Spring. It has to be with a smile.

The entire Sunday sunny set here.

Between two rhymes

… a smile.

Picnic. Sun. Traditional music.

On a side note.. I recently came across to a lovely short movie which fits perfectly with this project: Kamera

On a second side note: I just saw the movie Best exotic Marigold Hotel. Made me think how utterly important are smiles in life. And remember India with, as they also say in the movie, her lights, colours and smiles.

On a third side note: I think this photo project is going to be more exciting than I thought.