The half full of Bucharest

It gets never easy to break stereotypes, to find the multiple other sides of the story. That is why I have great admiration when people are trying to go beyond the appearances.

Bucuresti Optimist (Bucharest Optimistic) is a photo project that shows “the half full of the city”, as the founder describe it. The best part is that the photo stories are not only told by Igu, the initiator of the project, but many other photography and Bucharest enthusiasts.


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Liviu Souca

Cris Palmes

Catalin Chincea

Cris Palmes (2) Cis Stefan Andrei David

Stefan Tuchila


Short escape from Bucharest – Mogoșoaia Palace

Among the last photos left to post from my last holiday, portray one beautiful place not too far from Bucharest. At around 10 km away from the city, you can find Mogoșoaia Palace – build between 1698 – 1702 by Constantin Brâncoveanu and later on after 1920 re-constructed by Martha Bibesco. The Palace is made in Romanian Renaissance style or Brâncovenesc style – a mixture of Venetian and Ottoman elements.

Hope to enjoy the view!

Note to myself: a wide-angle lens is a must!

Touristing in Bucharest

I’m more of a tourist nowadays in my hometown as whenever I get the time during my visits, I take the camera and stroll around the streets with curious eyes.  I’d say these wanderings complete my view of the city because I never saw its many details until now.

Here a few shots from the Old City Center, Carol Park, in and around University and Unirii Squares.

The entire set (ongoing updates) you can check it here.

Spring is here!

It’s Spring and I really hope it stays that way! Insanely happy yesterday to take photos of every blossomed tree in Stadtpark (I guess humans are functioning on solar batteries, otherwise I can’t explain the energy boost):

Surprisingly, when I processed the photos I saw in some of them several a white-red threads hanging on the three branches. For the new readers of this blog – this is a Martisor, a Romanian, but also Bulgarian and apparently as well Greek, Albanian & Italian spring custom.

So yes, let me shout one more time loud and clear: Spring is here! 🙂

The entire set can be seen here and more flower photos here.

Art encounters – part II


I just simply love Dan Perjovschi‘s work.

His cartoons invaded museums of the world such as Tate Modern London, Macro Museum Roma, MoMA New York or Ludwig Museum Köln.

If you happen to be in Brussels from March 18th – May 18th, stop by at “Sorry we are close” to see more of his work.

His art explained by himself at TEDxBucharest

PS For the Romanian readers of the blog, is a good resource for everything contemporary art.


Photos via t_a_i_sRampant Gian, loobsim, Olga e Zanni

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