New thoughts and less back pain

I’ve started to practice yoga with the simple aim to get rid of my back pain which has troubled me for some time due to (what else!) the hours spent in front of the computer.

After two months now of practice the best part is the fear I have before each session that maybe I’ll not make it through the lesson as my body would collapse or so.  And almost each time I manage to surprise myself be it forcing a limit of my body or, even more enjoyable, discovering that the limit was only in my head.

I also got the habit to take everything anew and treat each lesson like is the first. I love the idea taught in class that each day is different and you are different each day. I guess this way you have even more chances to discover something new about yourself than if you are contaminating today with yesterday’s thoughts. Reality check at its best.

Oh yes, and the back pain is barely there.



… from current readings:

“The moment we want to be something, we are no longer free.”

“The function of education, then, is to help you from childhood not to imitate anybody, but to be yourself all the time.”

“To find out is not to come to a conclusion […] the moment you come to a conclusion as to what intelligence is, you cease to be intelligent. That is what most of the older people have done: they have come to conclusions.”

(Jiddu Krishnamurti – Think on this things)

People & stories

Great evening today at Tricky Women Festival 2013!

I saw the animated documentaries section and I have to say it was pretty hard to choose a favorite. Still, I had the luck to find my first choice online and, of course, now I’m happy to share it.

The movie called “Heirlooms” is an impressive bundle of stories beautifully animated about identity and becoming.


Get that elephant out of the room

‘Last lecture’ of Randy Pausch is absolutely incredible. I’ve watched it several times by now and each time I’m discovering something new, something else to pay attention to or re-think through.

I’ve finished his book just few days ago and unlike the lecture where the impressive part for me was on “how to lead your life”, what I liked now the most was the openness when talking about death. And one thing I’ve realised is that we don’t actually talk freely, loud and clear about death. We just learn to deal with it when we have to. Could a sort of “preparation” help for different good byes?

Seconds of our lives

Cesar Kuriyama recorded one second every day, fitting his 30th year of existence in a movie of 6 minutes:
Now he is going further with this idea working on an app that would help to put together all the seconds. Every second tells a story, says Cesar. So our lives worth remembered through such a sum of stories.
Looking at evolution of life on Earth transposed in 24 hours – no wonder this urge to remember our significant instants and distinguish them from the rest.