When living abroad the topic about learning the language of the place comes very often in the conversations. What I have realized recently is that the topic which everyone can handle very quickly in and outside of  the classes with having a very well equipped vocabulary is exactly about how difficult it is to learn that particular language. You know precisely to say why you don’t progress as fast as you wish or it is written in statistics, why grammar seems complicated, why words are difficult to memorize, why you can’t understand people around, why the classes are not successful and so on.

So basically the first things we know to say in a language are the reasons for which we can’t speak it (good, properly, yet …). It is like somebody who wants to avoid speaking English by saying “Sorry, I don’t speak English”. Which obviously is a lie.  That was English.

I wonder why we do that. Why we learn first justifications or excuses? Is it that dangerous to let yourself be lost in language mistakes?