New thoughts and less back pain

I’ve started to practice yoga with the simple aim to get rid of my back pain which has troubled me for some time due to (what else!) the hours spent in front of the computer.

After two months now of practice the best part is the fear I have before each session that maybe I’ll not make it through the lesson as my body would collapse or so.  And almost each time I manage to surprise myself be it forcing a limit of my body or, even more enjoyable, discovering that the limit was only in my head.

I also got the habit to take everything anew and treat each lesson like is the first. I love the idea taught in class that each day is different and you are different each day. I guess this way you have even more chances to discover something new about yourself than if you are contaminating today with yesterday’s thoughts. Reality check at its best.

Oh yes, and the back pain is barely there.