Dancers among us – dance the life away

Jordan Matter has an amazing portfolio of photos with people in dance poses. But the dancing doesn’t happen, as one might expect, in dance studios or stages, but in settings of the daily life. The project called Dancers among us is celebrating the dancer within us, as Jordan confesses.

And no, there is no Photoshop involved for creating the stunning images. To find out more about the making off check the video below and his blog.



Angelica_Generosa41 Dancers-Among-Us-in-Chicago-Kara-Lozanovski  Dancers-Among-Us-on-the-Highline-Karin-Ellis-Wentz Dancers-Among-Us-VIP-Heliport-Marcella-Guarino Evgeniya_Chernukhina_Philadelphia_Dancers_Among_USLuke_McCollum_Dancers_Among_Us

The dance class

Lovely evening. Celebration of closing the season at a dance school.

The different smiles caught moreover my attention. From one dancer to another the smiles variate: a controlled one trying to harmonize with the pose, an “oops”-I-did-a-mistake one, a natural (quite rare) one accompanying all the moves expressing moreover the joy of the moment.

The photo set tries to catch these moments.