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Art encounters – part II


I just simply love Dan Perjovschi‘s work.

His cartoons invaded museums of the world such as Tate Modern London, Macro Museum Roma, MoMA New York or Ludwig Museum Köln.

If you happen to be in Brussels from March 18th – May 18th, stop by at “Sorry we are close” to see more of his work.

His art explained by himself at TEDxBucharest

PS For the Romanian readers of the blog, is a good resource for everything contemporary art.


Photos via t_a_i_sRampant Gian, loobsim, Olga e Zanni

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Museum of broken relationships

… came across via a flyer in the train station once arrived in Zagreb. I had in mind to visit the Museum of contemporary art, but the curiosity prevailed.
The journey through out the exhibits was impressive: lots of stories told sometimes in few words, sometimes in extenso upon their heroes.
Irony, anger, sadness, resignation… the museum is also one of emotions. A whole spectrum is there and easy recognizable. We all been there at some point.

The very few photos I made are here.
And details about the museum here.