Weekend walk(s)

With a bit of delay I’m posting a few shots taken last weekend at Ernst Fuchs Museum in Otto Wagner Villa (click on the image for the entire set).


A small hint: Make sure you take this walk to the 14th district of Vienna on a sunny autumn day. The surroundings are absolutely beautiful.


Update: It seems that the Otto Wagner tour continued this weekend as well, therefore several more photos from Kirche am Steinhof and Otto Wagner Spital (again click on the image for the entire set).

Enjoy your autumn walks!



Sorry for your wall!

… is the name of my recent photo project. I loved working on it and I’m happy that now it’s available to the public.

You can see it between 10.07. -20.09.2013, at the Romanian Cultural Institute (Argentinierstr. 39, 1040 Vienna).

It’s a story about Bucharest & street art, about the talking walls around us. The exhibition presents fragments of conversations spotted in the city centre.

Note: I do apologies for bringing an outdoor dialogue indoors. It’s just for a thought or two.

I hope you will enjoy it!


UPDATE: Here you can see the online album. I hope you will enjoy!


Quick notes with a smile

7 days in Havana of Benicio del Toro part of the Cine Latino Festival. The movie is a great compilation of seven short stories for each weekday, directed by seven international directors. I absolutely enjoyed the story told by Elia Suleiman – Diary of a beginner (Thursday). Without a single line for the entire sequence, he creates a brilliant piece of silent comedy.


– Branford Marsalis and Joey Calderazzo at Wiener Konzerthaus. A great evening brought by two great musicians. Just have a listen:


– and a smile. Ok, a few. Smiles are coming back in my pictures. It’s Spring. It has to be with a smile.

The entire Sunday sunny set here.

People & stories

Great evening today at Tricky Women Festival 2013!

I saw the animated documentaries section and I have to say it was pretty hard to choose a favorite. Still, I had the luck to find my first choice online and, of course, now I’m happy to share it.

The movie called “Heirlooms” is an impressive bundle of stories beautifully animated about identity and becoming.


Art encounters – part I

I have to say: I lost track with the Romanian contemporary literature & art. A short visit last Friday at Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna to receive the Martisor-book  (great initiative, btw) and I managed to catch up a little.


Beside the joy of (re-)reading bits of Gellu Naum‘s poetry, I discovered Ioan Es. Pop with “The livid worlds: A Gothic novel“. It’s a bilingual volume, so I can share a bits of his work.

The word is sharp and cuts deep in the reality. Pretty harsh images. Well, Gothic. Don’t read him on a bad day.

We knock on the doors for them to open, to
let us out, but those on the other side don’t hear us and
they too knock on the doors for us to open and let them out
and when they open it’s ourselves we bump into
but we don’t pay attention to ourselves and we say we want out
and they say we want in, don’t take the door away with you,
we wouldn’t have anything to open on the way out,
there would remain a blank spot in the wall,
we won’t find any way to get out.”


I told you to stay away from mornings,
their raw sun is not for us.
whereas the blurred and heavy sun of our world
hardly steams up the horizon. we are
at the beginning of another world and of other suns.

you’ve remained alone. it’s good. you have the whole past at hand.
you’ve seen evil with eyes wide open and you will heal.
one day you’ll understand that everything that shines
brings death closer to you.

evenings, on the other hand, will please you here:
you are in the age of livid worlds,
half shadow, half unknown.
be welcome. here the future
has almost passed.”


to be continued. Tomorrow. With a few witty cartoons.

Dancers among us – dance the life away

Jordan Matter has an amazing portfolio of photos with people in dance poses. But the dancing doesn’t happen, as one might expect, in dance studios or stages, but in settings of the daily life. The project called Dancers among us is celebrating the dancer within us, as Jordan confesses.

And no, there is no Photoshop involved for creating the stunning images. To find out more about the making off check the video below and his blog.



Angelica_Generosa41 Dancers-Among-Us-in-Chicago-Kara-Lozanovski  Dancers-Among-Us-on-the-Highline-Karin-Ellis-Wentz Dancers-Among-Us-VIP-Heliport-Marcella-Guarino Evgeniya_Chernukhina_Philadelphia_Dancers_Among_USLuke_McCollum_Dancers_Among_Us