Fund me, maybe!

…is the title of a parody video featuring scientists present at the American Astronomical Society meeting, Jan 2013

Who said scientists are boring?



Moving from blogger

New Year is knocking on the door, so the change couldn’t wait (well, New Year is always a good excuse for a change, right?).

So, I freshly arrived from and enjoying the new environment so far.

I still need to make few adjustments to the present setting, but everything is functional. Except the past comments. I’m hoping one day I will figure out why they weren’t imported during the migration.

Songs that count

Friends recommended me to watch “Rockstar” one of the latest Bollywood movie featuring Ranbir Kapoor, especially for its music. I found this piece and judging the story line, the scene is happening in Czech Republic.

Loved the combination. First time when I see India and Eastern Europe in one song.

I found in the meantime the full track: