A bit of inspiration – Trey Ratcliff

I started to follow Trey Ratcliff at the time when his blog – Stuck in customs became #1 travel photography blog and before he moved from US to New Zealand. He focuses on HDR photography and uploads one new (awesome) photo per day sharing many tips. Two details that I found amazing: all his photos are under Creative Commons Non-Commercial licence and he grew up blind in one eye.

I didn’t access his blog in a while, as in the meantime my interest for photography changed. Funnily enough I never actually tried HDR, but what actually inspired me, and I was glad to find it again, is not as much the photos as his contagious enthusiasm about photography.

Head to see his portfolio,  videos or twitter stream.

Below a few of my favorite Trey Ratcliff photos.




So what if you would photograph everyone in your city?

This is what Brandon Stanton aims to do with his project Humans of New York. On the way of accomplishing his goal, the project transformed in a bit more than just portraits, but illustrated stories.  Next to the photos you will hear also the voice of the portrayed.

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But the best part of this project is the creation by other photographers of: Humans of Durban, Humans of Buenos Aires, Humans of Tel Aviv, Humans of Rio de Janeiro, Humans of Lahore, Humans of London City and so on.

Recently even Humans of Vienna. Which … hmm …

Around the globe

Photo projects carrying the viewer around the globe are my favorites – same motif repeated in different contexts is adding a new piece to this puzzle called world.

Peter Menzel in his book Hungry planet travels in 24 countries to picture 30 families with their one week groceries. An insightful way to see the differences of life style and quality of life in just a simple photo. A socio-economic study in pictures.

Gabriele Galimberti makes a step further going even more in detail.  For instance, within the same frame – food – an absolutely lovely project called Delicatessen with love is portraying grandmas around the world with their awesome dishes. Despite the different cuisine, ingredients, kitchens there is a same smile in every image. This looks like certainty now: grandmas are the same everywhere. (Btw, make sure you check the entire gallery – there are also recipes!)

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What impressed me most is the project called Toy stories picturing children and their toys. The stories depicted here are no longer only about socio-economic status, but also about their attitudes, their “properties” as well as the hopes and dreams of the ones who give them the respective toys. The different childhoods – the various us.

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But wait – how come the grandmas are everywhere the same?

Minutes in time lapse

I recently discovered this stunning time lapse video of the Mount Bromo, an active volcano in Indonesia:

which opened my appetite to re-view more of such videos and I thought to also share the best of my collection.

The list below is made in no particular order. I tried, where available, to add links to “behind the scenes” information about the techniques used.

So make sure you sit comfortably (grab, maybe, some popcorn) and enjoy!

New York City

Central Park, New York

One year in two minutes – 3500 photos taken from the same spot (behind the scene info here)

A journey through seasons (behind the scene info here)

Earth – photographs taken from International Space Station

Dancers among us – dance the life away

Jordan Matter has an amazing portfolio of photos with people in dance poses. But the dancing doesn’t happen, as one might expect, in dance studios or stages, but in settings of the daily life. The project called Dancers among us is celebrating the dancer within us, as Jordan confesses.

And no, there is no Photoshop involved for creating the stunning images. To find out more about the making off check the video below and his blog.



Angelica_Generosa41 Dancers-Among-Us-in-Chicago-Kara-Lozanovski  Dancers-Among-Us-on-the-Highline-Karin-Ellis-Wentz Dancers-Among-Us-VIP-Heliport-Marcella-Guarino Evgeniya_Chernukhina_Philadelphia_Dancers_Among_USLuke_McCollum_Dancers_Among_Us

The Tutu Project – photos with a purpose

One of the photo projects I constantly follow is The Tutu Project, developed by Bob Carey since 2003. From what it started as just a joke, the photos became a powerful message carrier.

The message is simple: “It’s all about a man, his pink tutu and raising funds for women with breast cancer”.

Few of my favorites:

405847_10150553012829086_1765609057_n 405677_10150553043609086_1767318617_n 6012_107072344085_4698824_n 285599_10150994134274086_602987751_n 72121_10151240315509086_969685190_n 12223_10151273615169086_1049048059_n