Quick notes with a smile

7 days in Havana of Benicio del Toro part of the Cine Latino Festival. The movie is a great compilation of seven short stories for each weekday, directed by seven international directors. I absolutely enjoyed the story told by Elia Suleiman – Diary of a beginner (Thursday). Without a single line for the entire sequence, he creates a brilliant piece of silent comedy.


– Branford Marsalis and Joey Calderazzo at Wiener Konzerthaus. A great evening brought by two great musicians. Just have a listen:


– and a smile. Ok, a few. Smiles are coming back in my pictures. It’s Spring. It has to be with a smile.

The entire Sunday sunny set here.



A friend of mine posted this video marking the Romanian Spring festival – Martisor and the song just got stuck in my head. I didn’t hear it in a long time and the symphonic version is simply beautiful.

I tried to search for a translation of the lyrics, but didn’t have too much luck.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the music. And the Spring.

Music: Tudor Gheorghe (n. 1.08.1945) , a Romanian musician & actor; lyrics: Arhip Cibotaru (20.02.1935 – 4.01.2010), a Moldavian novelist, poet & play-writing.

Music discoveries

Thought to share several beautiful sounds I discovered this year as an excerpt from my holidays’ playlist.

Fatoumata Diawara, a Malian singer with an absolutely beautiful voice and a jazzy-folk style. My favorite song from her début album, Fatou:

Golnar Shahyar and Mahan Mirarab with Persian jazz. One of their common projects is the quartet CHOUB.

Favorite piece from their future album (fingers crossed!):

Tsatsiki Connection with an oriental mix. From their album, “Aroma fotias” I also have a favorite – “lemoni stin portokalia”, but I could only find online this one: