Weekend walk(s)

With a bit of delay I’m posting a few shots taken last weekend at Ernst Fuchs Museum in Otto Wagner Villa (click on the image for the entire set).


A small hint: Make sure you take this walk to the 14th district of Vienna on a sunny autumn day. The surroundings are absolutely beautiful.


Update: It seems that the Otto Wagner tour continued this weekend as well, therefore several more photos from Kirche am Steinhof and Otto Wagner Spital (again click on the image for the entire set).

Enjoy your autumn walks!


Short escape from Bucharest – Mogoșoaia Palace

Among the last photos left to post from my last holiday, portray one beautiful place not too far from Bucharest. At around 10 km away from the city, you can find Mogoșoaia Palace – build between 1698 – 1702 by Constantin Brâncoveanu and later on after 1920 re-constructed by Martha Bibesco. The Palace is made in Romanian Renaissance style or Brâncovenesc style – a mixture of Venetian and Ottoman elements.

Hope to enjoy the view!

Note to myself: a wide-angle lens is a must!

City walk

I was surprised to see in the heart of Vienna in front of Leopold Museum this giant photo (tempted to name it Gulliver). Surprised to see nudity displayed in public places.

And very much amused to see it transformed in a veritable playground by the kids present at Museums Quartier.

What is actually about? The exhibition called (naturally) Naked men is presenting male nudes from the period of Enlightenment in the 18th century, until 20th. More about the exhibition here.


Museum of broken relationships

… came across via a flyer in the train station once arrived in Zagreb. I had in mind to visit the Museum of contemporary art, but the curiosity prevailed.
The journey through out the exhibits was impressive: lots of stories told sometimes in few words, sometimes in extenso upon their heroes.
Irony, anger, sadness, resignation… the museum is also one of emotions. A whole spectrum is there and easy recognizable. We all been there at some point.

The very few photos I made are here.
And details about the museum here.