Slowly, but surely I’m becoming an animation addict and Tricky Women – the International Animation Film festival is becoming a favorite.

Yesterday, I’ve seen Spot on Spain&Mexico and was impressed by The Waterwheel of Karla Castaneda and The sad house of Sofia Carrillo, loved the rhythms of To love of Nuria Menchaca and had a good laugh watching Off the track by Rocio Alvares.

Today, I was absolutely hooked by Tito on Ice of Max Anderson and Helena Ahonen. Excellent way of combining animation with documentary movie. I hope the trailer convinces you to go and see the movie:

Next year I’ll take a festival pass. And learn to draw.


The half full of Bucharest

It gets never easy to break stereotypes, to find the multiple other sides of the story. That is why I have great admiration when people are trying to go beyond the appearances.

Bucuresti Optimist (Bucharest Optimistic) is a photo project that shows “the half full of the city”, as the founder describe it. The best part is that the photo stories are not only told by Igu, the initiator of the project, but many other photography and Bucharest enthusiasts.


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Liviu Souca

Cris Palmes

Catalin Chincea

Cris Palmes (2) Cis Stefan Andrei David

Stefan Tuchila