Half of a yellow sun

I’ve “met” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie through what became my favorite TEDtalk:

I just finished her novel, Half of a yellow sun and I was fascinated by its complexity, the many layers and yet, the accuracy with which creates the mosaic of scenes. The Biafran war is not an easy story to tell, therefore the voices are chosen carefully: a houseboy, a beautiful Igbo woman, a British expat. The multiple angles, single stories create a whole story.

Few notes:

“Education is a priority! How can we resist exploitation if we don’t have the tools to understand exploitation?”

“…the only authentic identity for the African is the tribe. I am Nigerian because a white man created Nigeria and gave me that identity. I am black because the white man constructed black to be as different as possible from his white. But I was Igbo before the white man came.”

“The real tragedy of our post-colonial world is not that the majority of people had no say in whether or not they wanted this new world; rather, it is that the majority have not been given the tools to negotiate this new world”

“And it’s wrong of you to think that love leaves room for nothing else. It’s possible to love something and still condescend to it”.

For sure I need to come back to many of the passages of the book as, at some point, I was simply carried away by the story.


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