Open sourced life

A 365 photo project transformed in 365 x 13 years project means 4,748 self portraits that Jeff Harris took.

Projects like this, I guess, born ideas for gadgets such as Memoto, a wearable lifecam that clips to your shirt and automatically takes pictures.  Or, as I recently wrote, the 1 second everyday app.

Can’t help wondering again… why this increasing urge to record our lives, to archive them and to make them available to everyone? Are we creating an open sourced database of stories with best practices that the others can learn from and grow? Or its a sign of fear to lose ourselves among the (over) 7 billions people of the world?


3 thoughts on “Open sourced life

  1. the urge has always been there, it’s only becoming slightly more dramatic nowadays, since we learned to brag about our experiences online :p

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