Between two stops

Friday afternoon, on the way home. Tired. Therefore happy when the tram arrived quickly.

I got in and while trying to keep myself next to the door to be ready to get off at the next stop, I smiled to a woman that looked familiar to me. “Hello”, I said and a moment later I realized that I actually don’t know her and felt a bit embarrassed of the situation.

She started talking to me. A bit fast and, for a while, I couldn’t follow her. Slowly the words became clearer: she was saying that was nice of me to say hello. And that’s ok.

I smiled.

She admired my matching hat and scarf. The only thing came to my mind instead of saying a simple “Thank you” was that the gloves are actually not matching.

I smiled again to the thought.

“No, I didn’t knit them”, I answered further.
“You should try, its easy”, she told me.
“Yes, maybe I will”.
“Schönes Tag noch”, she said while me getting off the tram I was smiling still.


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