An Archilecture

Disclaimer: No, this blog is not entirely about photography. It just seems so at the moment. 😉

With our little photogroup made it through the old architecture of Vienna. Great places to be checked out in  the first and fourth district. The weather wasn’t the best – I was ice-cold at the end, but sure was worth it.
The Archilecture gave me lots of thinking, but not necessarily about architecture (sorry, guys!).

Several learnings:

– how to look at things, to ask yourself why is it like that, to challenge the obvious.

Better to look at things exactly how they are displayed. And see what they can offer. You can ask yourself why is a tower here or why this window is there, but don’t try to search a different angle for a better view. There is no better view. Things are displayed in certain way because this is the information they offer. Nothing more, nothing less. When you force your lens, you might not see anything or anything else.

– how to work, how much energy does it take

When doing the photowalks, I usually get absorbed into my work and forget everything else. This time I got to notice how the others are working:

Putting a lot of effort to catch one element and being not happy about it. I asked: what did you want to do? I got a vague answer.

Being very attentive and taking just one or two shots – sometimes only details.

Asking questions and…
– How you shot a tower?
– There is no recipe. You need to look at it first. What does it say to you?
– That is a tower??
– Yes, but when it was build, how do you think they build it, how much effort was there, why they need it. There is a story to see. There is a story to catch in your photo.
Grumpy mumbling.

Or just taking shots. Relaxed. Sometimes smiling.

Different ways of acting, different results.

Here are mines.


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