Reframing is everything

And I started to play more with photography. Not only reading photoblogs and following photo tweetpeople, but also joining a photo club and trying out cameras.

I’m a beginner and I need a lot of technical training. Thanks to my photo-club and friends, I try out Canon 300D and 450D with different lenses – Sigma 10-20 mm, Sigma 70 mm, Canon EFS 18-55 mm, Canon EF 90-300 mm. It was a joy to make these:

So at the end of this journey I was pretty worried to go back to my Canon A480 (no offence!).

Last week I had to travel for work and, for a while, time for photography was much shortened. But carrying the little camera with me gave me the satisfaction to practice a bit making the time between destinations more enjoyable. Plus I got the chance to learn about photo editing (btw… is a nice tool).

I guess I just discovered the secret for continuous enjoyment – finding new meanings for the old items. Thank you Canon A480! 🙂


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