With glasses on

I think I’m not a disciplined tourist. I’m not buying Lonely Planet and I’m not making to do lists for vacations.
I love and remember places for random reasons like: spring smell  (Zagreb, Croatia); joy. great cocktails. (Cluj, Romania); friendship at large (Mumbai, India); laziness. ping-pong and pool. laughs (Mlilwane, Swaziland); creative bug. silence (Freiburg, Germany); retreat. relaxation. perfect silence(Wilderness, South Africa); mixed sites. chitchats. friends  (Rotterdam, The Netherlands).The spaces are shaped by our status of mind, our concerns, needs, thinking, people we meet or  even the weather. The best way to really get to know a site is to come back and rediscover it. Because you will not be the same and neither the place.

PS The image above is part of my Versailles. Sorry mum! 😀

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