The other day I was complaining to a friend about how stuck I am with my writings. From three lines of conversation in which I explained the idea of my post, here is what it came out (title and editing are not mine):


I’m trying to write
about the expat life
and it’s like being a baby again
I want to say
you build
very much aware
your social web
you learn how to walk
how to interact
and the way to interact is changing
you search for circles within people
but something is missing
something went away

I learned that I should have a point. I guess in poetry you don’t need one.
I’ll experiment some more!

Note: It’s strange how my friend, without knowing the recent release of the movie Invictus, named my way out of stuckness. And I, without knowing the poem of William Ernest Henley, accepted it. Things fit somehow!


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