Rise and shine!

Every morning I take the subway to go to the office, but lately I have the feeling that I’m traveling in a moving library. More and more people are reading books. It seems the popularity of newspapers is slightly decreasing. Young or middle-aged men and women, either standing or seated are all captivated by the universe of their volume. Some even are getting in the train with the book already open.
So I was very curious… what readings can be so fascinating in the early morning? … and when I could see the titles I wrote them down. Here is the list after two weeks of “spying” on my fellow travelers:

Oops.. my stop… I have to get off… Happy reading everyone!
PS I didn’t count “The Fiscal Procedure Code” saw it in the hands of a woman, because I don’t think it was leisure lecture, but more likely a quick review for an exam. Or… maybe not?
UPDATE: While making the above list a great campaign was happening: Urbanreadings, as a reaction against the popular Romanian saying “nobody is reading these days”. Organized by bookblog.ro and civika.ro Urban readings had the exact purpose… to promote reading. It was a special and secret campaign the details being delivered only to the ones who registered to take part. After the action ended (June 15th) the impressions were shared (What are people doing in the subway? – in Romanian)
So having my book with me… I was a volunteer without knowing! 🙂 But besides sharing the joy of this awesome synchrony it was great to be part of such community spirit. Great initiative guys and many more to come!!
PS Weeks after the campaign I’m still adding titles on my list. Yes, I know… bad, bad habit! I ask forgiveness! 🙂

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