In brands we trust…

For the last year and a half, I had been traveling a lot. Basically for my master’s program. During which time I spent 9 months in India -a great experience from so many points of view. For a European like me, living in India presents many challenges. My first was dealing with food. Cooking on campus wasn’t a possibility (no kitchen available for student use) and soon enough I started eating at Subway and McDonald’s on a weekly basis, even though back home I was just an occasional consumer.
Some time after this, I chanced upon an excessively lengthy discussion on a forum of expats in India about finding certain brands. I was quite annoyed. I was pondering over why they wouldn’t simply adapt to their new working/living place, when I realized that the discussion was about something else entirely: home! And like me … they were searching for something familiar… a burger, chocolate, toothpaste or even a coffee shop.
Why is ‘home’ so important is a rhetorical question … a more important question is how we define ‘home’ when ‘away from home’. Brands have the capacity to travel and due to their accessibility can shape home and reconstruct it everywhere we are. It’s true that every traveler hungers for the ‘new’, looking to learn and adapt. But at the same time we will always seek a certain comfort zone.
A brand can offer such comfort – functioning as a landmark in an ever-changing world – offering to the customer the same experience no matter where you buy the product, replicating our image of home – a never-changing image.

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