Reconstructing myself…

A lot of services available today make invisibility impossible. Be it facebook, linkedin, myspace, orkut, hi5, tagged, second life or a myriad number of blogs, these are tools through which one can construct and reconstruct oneself. The virtual world is simply a mimesis of the physical space in which we communicate, connect, interact, work, or have fun. And of course, you need a ‘face’ here as well.
Recently, I realized how important this space is and what a great impact it has on our lives, our way of thinking and interacting: a couple of months ago, I deactivated my Facebook account. The consequences? Social drama… I had to explain my actions, and assure my friends that my gesture wasn’t intended to be offensive.
Sometime after that, when the line “let’s keep in touch… you’re on Facebook, right?” showed up way too often in conversations, I decided to reactivate my account, recognizing the popularity of Facebook communication.
I realized also that these tools are helping us find new ways of expressing ourselves. Not just in terms of communication, but also in terms of our ‘self’; represented through photos, mottos and signatures. And speaking of photos, I think it’s no longer fashionable to hide behind an avatar of a superhero. One now needs to show the original: hand-picked photos making a veritable marketing exercise called ‘personal brand creation’.
Now I’m doing exactly the same thing… experimenting with the construction and reconstruction of my presence in the virtual world… through Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter or this blog.
I’ll see where it goes!

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